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Film Genre: Melodrama Action Adventure
Country of Origin: Spain
Year of Release: 2013
Director: Daniel Kalparsoro
Screenwriter: Carlos Montero, Jaime Vaca
Operator: Daniel Aranyo
Actors: Alex Gonzalez, Adriana Ugarte, Alberto Amman, March NIE, Maria Castro, Luis Sueur, Christian Mulas, Juan Pablo Shuk, Maria Kalassa
IMDB: 5.7

"Ignition" - action adventure about a love triangle. Navas and Ari - the perfect couple and professional fraudsters. She - Fatal Beauty, seductive rich men, and he - the cruel robber who robs them. Everything changes when Navas and Ari choose a new victim - the rich handsome Michel, in which Ari crush. With help of this site you can download Combustion in HD free full Movie.

Stills from the Combustion:

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